Guru Smt. Sridevi Chalagalla

Smt. Sridevi Chalagalla-Mungara founded Chinmayi Nrithyalaya, a dance school specializing in classical Kuchipudi art form, in the year 1999 in Dallas, Texas and has since been teaching the art form to numerous students across the United States and in India.

Sridevi Mungara started learning dance at a tender age under the able guidance of “Padmasree” Dr. Sobha Naidu. As one of her senior disciples at the Kuchipudi Art Academy, Smt. Sridevi has performed all over India and abroad and has earned laurels by one and all.

Along with the numerous solo dances, she has a donned the key roles such as of Lord Venkateshwara, Lord Krishna and Mother Sita in the renowned ballets of Kalyana Sreenivasam, Sri Krishna Parijatham and Jagadananda Karaka respectively, to name a few.

She has been a recipient of the prestigious “National Talent Search” scholarship for dance all through her secondary and high school years. She has a Master’s degree in performing arts from Central University, Hyderabad with a specialization in Kuchipudi.

With a strong penchant to spread the Kuchipudi dance form, Smt. Sridevi has been passionately teaching the dance form over the past two decades. Her unique style of teaching ensures all-round development of her students while focusing on theoretical and practical aspects of Kuchipudi. Smt. Sridevi strives to create a profusely positive learning experience while developing the next generation of dancers dedicated to the Kuchipudi dance form.